welcome to jl photografia's blog. a boutique photography studio based in providence rhode island and san diego california combining the talents of janet moscarello and lisa lefringhouse. here we will divulge our photographic adventures and other wild and crazy things. enjoy! :)   be sure to click on the links to the right to follow us on twitter, become a fan on facebook and subscribe to our rss feeds
    For the last five years Janet Moscarello and Lisa Lefringhouse were the combined photography team of JL Photografia. Friends for over 16 years, Janet and Lisa traveled the United States and abroad documenting lovely couples, families and life. It was an amazing five years comprised of many many MANY adventures, memories and life changes. JL had THE BEST clients any photographer could ever dream of, clients who are now considered dear friends.

    In the past couple of years, Janet aquired an east coast zip code, a husband and a second dog. Lisa and her husband had their first baby girl and are currently surviving parenthood. The studio became bicoastal, JL Photografia East and West were born. After years of shooting side by side, it is a sad but exciting time to move in a new direction. Janet and Lisa are saying goodbye to JL Photografia and saying hello to new adventures as Janet Moscarello Photography and Lisa Lefringhouse Photography.

    We wanted to send a warm and heartfelt thank you to all our clients, vendors and peers for your friendship, support and inspiration over the years. We hope to continue that relationship with our individual studios. We are so very excited to see what our future holds and would like to formally introduce you to our new brands, Janet Moscarello Photography + Lisa Lefringhouse Photography. Cheers!

    To our current JL clients, you will be receiving an email with instructions on how to view our JL website
    & access your images and album proofing.

    yep ... it's that time of year again! the "j" is having another birthday! it's that time of year to celebrate how awesome she is. some of you already know how awesome ... but some of you are just beginning to get a glimpse ... here is a little inside scoop. she is an amazing photographer and i am always in awe of how she sees the world. she is compassionate. open minded. forgiving. laughable. dependable. loyal. she is a wife. a mother (to some cute furry souls). she is a daughter. a sister. an auntie to count 'em ... 13 nieces and nephews. she is all in all a very special person who graces the lives she is a part of. and lastly she is an amazing and dear friend. happy birthday "j" .... celebrate your awesomeness!!!!

    photo courtesy of joel flory.

       teaser!! teaser!!    November 19    

    nicole + joe. engagement. charlestown, ma.

       teaser!! teaser!!    October 26    

    tricia + frank. wedding. carmel valley, ca.

    iris + dustin. wedding. carmel valley, ca.

       teaser!! teaser!!    September 22    

    sarah + jeff. wedding. carmel valley, ca.

    sherry + buzzy. wedding. carmel valley, ca.

    the santos family. portrait. san jose, ca.

    jenni + rich. wedding. san francisco, ca.