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   happy holidays!!    December 24    

happy holidays!! happy everything!! we hope that your new year is filled with tons of laughter and an abundance of love!!

OMG! our last wedding of 2010 was the most epic of epic weddings. leigh + pablo kick ass. the AMAZING bathroom at the headlands center for the arts is kick ass. any couple who lets us shoot them in said bathroom is epically kick ass. so to sum this up, leigh + pablo are an epically kick ass couple who had an epically kick ass wedding at one epically kick ass venue.

what do you get when you mix a board gaming, bocce balling, ping ponging, cigar smoking + shot taking fun loving group? you get the AMAZING wedding of alicia + kyle at the fantabulous holly farm.

simply put septima + billy are in love. we like people in love. we like shooting people in love. we LOVED shooting septima + billy on their beautiful wedding day. :)

ginger + scott are super sweet. their sweetness can make you forget the chill in the air and focus on all the love floating around.

side note: no clint eastwood sighting but we did spot lots of sheep. we love sheep. sheep are cute and fuzzy.

the garriss wedding get seriously b.o.s.s.ed!!

and who doesn't love a little three amigo's rendition...

The Three Amigos
with manolo's, an adorable pup, and an AMAZING couple it does not get any better. wait ... it does. because we got to shoot this EPIC wedding at one of our favorite venues. we got to do the happy dance all night loooong. :)

wedding venue radonich ranch
hair + makeup arlene munez
florist chris citti
officiant rebecca wilson
cake bijan bakery
cupcakes jens cakes
dj antonio diaz
coordinator amy frugoli

not even the blue angels could compete with debra + ben's gorgeous wedding at the headlands center for the arts. these two will take your breath away.

   teaser!! teaser!!    December 03    

the flickner family. portrait. salinas, ca.

the raynaud family. portrait. monterey, ca.

britany + brandon. engagement. pacific grove, ca.