Benefits of Using Black And White Photography for a Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony should be packed with significant moments and there is nothing more fulfilling than to have a remnant of this special occasion. Although other wedding features such as the vows and the celebrations are equally significant, having these moments stored in classy photos is enjoyable. In a wedding ceremony, there are moments that should never be forgotten. The tears, the joy, the bride, the groom, the excitement and more importantly, the vows. Black and white photographs comes in handy in such moments..


Although color captures the liveliness and the beauty of the event, black and white is honest, timeless and puts more focus on the exact moment that the photo is taken. It also helps in capturing emotional moments. Later, the eye that beholds such moments is not distracted by color. It processes the image in its clearness and for this reason, the viewing becomes fascinating and easy to relate with.


Black and white photography also has other beautiful characteristics, which should be used in a wedding ceremony; it intensifies the purity of the consecrated moments. This is why photographers are advised to zoom in so as to focus on the bride’s and the groom’s eyes during the process. In such cases, black and white photographs captures the excitement of the groom and sometimes, the tears that flow down the bride’s cheeks.


Black and white photographs illuminates these tears. They become like crystals and sparkle in the eyes of the viewers and this is likely to revive the same emotions years after they took place. This is all thanks to well taken and documented photos.


Apart from their elegance, black and white images also have another advantage, they hide some imperfections that would have been documented clearly in colored images. These include such things as the skin imperfections, the dress imperfections or even some design imperfections.


This way, when you look back at the images, you don’t have to be reminded about some pieces of the stressful day. All you remember are the better parts of the day and the single moments of joy. Black and white images are also enduring. Most of the photos taken in the past still look as if they were taken the other day. The joy captured in people’s eyes many years ago is still there as long as the images are well kept. These moments never fed like in color photos. Instead, they live long.


Black and white is flagrant, sometimes, it brings out some powerfulness especially in the groom who should not only look powerful, but also be stylish. Some sternness combined with stylishness is therefore best captured in a black and white image.


A wedding ceremony is mostly about love and happiness. Therefore, it is necessary to include the most emotional sappiest, silliest and most loving moments. To do this, I urge you to try black and white photography and the memories will go on. Lastly, always remember to flow with the current trend and black and white is trending in today’s wedding ceremonies. Mostly, people choose to have the same moment captured in both colored and black and white images and why not move with this trend?























Hot wedding reception trends that will be a personal remembrance of fun in wedding photos

All brides want to have a wedding photo that can summarize their big day. It may help to have the wedding album photos that make your wedding reception a memorable affair. How can you be sure your wedding photographer will get the best photos at your reception? Here are some fun ideas that will add color elements to your reception, while being able to provide you with colorful, memorable wedding photos of your reception.


Bright Remembrance – Do invite metallics into the guests’ tablecloths. If you have an elegant or ethereal gold table cloth, it can create an interesting background. Your rings to table liens will look their best on a reception table. Did you know rose gold is a good metallic table cloth choice for this purpose, but silver may tend to wash out details – if there is silver on silver in your wedding photography.


However, when correctly, rose gold can be an excellent choice to capture the bride and groom washing down white wedding cake and rose-gold champagne toasts. Talk with your wedding photographer ahead of the reception. This way, you can be sure he or she captures the best tender reception photos. Do you want to make sure he or she gets a certain person at your wedding reception? Do not leave anything to chance at your wedding reception.


Dare to dream on – There is nothing wrong if you stress to your wedding photographer you want your wedding photos to tell a story or capture that dream-like feel that you want to preserve into a memory. One of the best ways to make your reception a moment you can dream about later is to create a dream-like ambience for guests with drop crystal chandeliers. These light fixtures create a soft light for your wedding photos and can make your wedding day a dreamy affair on the big day. You may want your photographer to know you will have a mixture of both pendant lights and natural lighting at an outdoor reception.


Trust your wedding photographer, because they will have ideas to help create that dream-like state in your reception photos; You can look back and smile at your wedding album photos. Your wedding photographer is a wedding pro that the wedding reception photos and created wedding remembrance albums. Share your ideas with your photographer before your reception and trust him or her. He or she may have great ways to help you get the wedding reception look you want and preserve a memory at the same time!


Just picked – You can do plenty to keep your wedding photos bright and colorful if you have flowers of all colors that pop against a plain background. If you have a colorful banquet against your white wedding dress, it can make your reception photo stronger — more of a stunning element in your wedding photo album.


You might not be able to tell you had fresh flowers in wedding photos, but they can create that fun atmosphere — in the moment. You can make your photo album full of color and a fun way you mixed up color at your wedding reception – all in ways you can see in photos. These are ways your wedding photographer can use color to help create memories for your wedding album.

Four important questions to ask the photographer before your wedding

What to ask

Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life; there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have the wedding photos you want. Sometimes, virgin brides may not realize they should ask their wedding photographer a few very important questions, weeks or months before the happy day. Here are five of the best questions every bride shouldn’t forget to ask.


Do you only do wedding photography? Some wedding photographers do their wedding photography on the side and take other types of portraits. However, it may be best if you choose a photographer who specializes in wedding photography. A wedding photographer is familiar with all the current trends and may help first-time brides pinpoint the best places to take photos and help them determine which style of wedding photos fits their style. There are a number of photographers who provide other services besides wedding photographer that also take great photos. The key is finding a photographer you can work with and who makes you look your best. Do you need soft-focus-flattering photos, or do you like the editorial-style photos? There are no wrong answers when you explore to find what you prefer for your wedding.

Can I see a set of finished proofs? A professional wedding photographer should be able to show you proofs of an entire wedding, from start to finish. They may have samples, but brides may find it hard to see if they like a photographer’s style. If you do not care for the photographer’s style, find one that can provide the types of photos you want on your wedding day!


What is included in your packages? This is a great question to ask because your professional photographer can tell you beforehand what is included in your photo package price and what will cost extra. If you know how much extra you may have to pay this can help you budget when you try to locate other vendors to bake your cake, etc. The extras can add up when you have several vendors, so it is best you know what you will pay before the wedding. You can plan a budget when it comes to your wedding plans.


Are you willing to follow a short list? It is important to know if you can work with your photographer and to see their personality before your wedding day. Brides may have certain poses that they want their photographer to capture. It is equally important to give your photographer some creative license. Your photographer may be able to suggest some creative and fun photos that will ‘wow’ the guests that view your photo album.